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Monday Night Calculus With Steve Kokoska and Tom Dick

Posted 04/06/2021 by Curtis Brown (@cbmathguy)

Monday Night Calculus
Calculus connoisseurs Tom Dick and Steve Kokoska are ready to call the Monday night action!

This school year, Texas Instruments (TI) has teamed up with former AP® Calculus Chief Reader Steve Kokoska and former Test Development committee member Tom Dick to provide live, content sessions via YouTube for students and teachers alike. Consider this must-see AP® Calculus TV!

The sessions will cover content and questions that teachers have specifically asked us to review. And, as an added bonus, Kokoska and Dick will review some original, unique problems they’ve written that are bound to come up in the sequence of teaching the course. They will also be available to answer your questions.

The YouTube Live “Monday Night Calculus” sessions begin Monday, Sept. 14 at 7 pm Eastern time, and will continue every other Monday through the end of November. Score!

Below, you can download a problem set or two for the upcoming session. We’ll continue to update these problems every week in advance of the next session.

Click here to join our upcoming session. And, access all of our live sessions on our YouTube channel here.

Can’t get enough of calculus? Check out our resources reviewing previous free-response questions through the lens of graphing calculators. See Kokoska and Dick’s scoring commentary, their assessment of common errors, and extension videos on how to use the TI-84 Plus CE and the TI-Nspire™ CX families of graphing calculators. Find these resources on our TI in Focus: AP® Calculus page.

This school year will be a challenging one for students and teachers alike. At TI, we are committed to helping students achieve in calculus. I believe these resources are a valuable asset as you navigate an ever-changing landscape in the math classroom.

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About the author: Curtis Brown currently works as the Math Segment manager at Texas Instruments. He taught mathematics and AP® Statistics for several years. Since starting at TI in 2015, he has led many content development projects including the Math in Motion series. He has always found joy in exploring the patterns and logic of mathematics. In his spare time he enjoys kayaking and fishing with his sons and spending time with his family. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @cbmathguy.