Education Technology
  • Learning With Your Students

    Posted 10/15/2018 by Jessica Kohout, biology teacher at Reservoir High School, Fulton, Md.

    It can be hard to try something new in your classroom, but the rewards outweigh the risks as students take the lead.

  • A first-of-its-kind STEM strategy charts path to help educators

    Posted 10/12/2018 by Ron DeChristoforo, State Policy Director, Texas Instruments

    In a first-ever undertaking of its kind, four of the nation’s key education leadership groups have partnered to define a strategy for improving and advancing STEM learning for all students.  Read more.

  • Which TI Calculator for the SAT® and Why?

    Posted 09/25/2018 by Jeff McCalla - Math Teacher at St. Mary's Episcopal School, Memphis, TN

    You may be surprised to learn that most TI calculators are allowed on the SAT®. Take a brief dive into the history of the calculator and see the latest changes to the math section of the SAT®, all at the same time.

  • Meet the Women in STEM Twitter Chat Panelists

    Posted 09/12/2018 by Kim Gonzales

    On Wednesday, September 19, Texas Instruments Education (@TICalculators) is hosting a Women in STEM Twitter Chat! Our goal is connect you to the awesome #WomenInSTEM community, both as a source of inspiration and a well of resources. Our panelists are female engineers, scientists, and mathematicians – women who are already encouraging the next generation of STEM leaders!  

  • Survey Says: Kids Like Math!

    Posted 08/28/2018 by Peter Balyta, Ph.D., President of Texas Instruments Education Technology

    Contrary to popular belief, students actually like math a lot more than they let on.  A new study from Texas Instruments reveals nearly twice as many students like math as those who dislike it. Keep reading to see what middle and high school students say motivates them most in math class.

  • Summer of STEM: Disappearing Cups

    Posted 07/09/2018 by Erick Archer

    Use an organic solvent to make a cup disappear.

  • Summer of STEM: Loop to Loop Cups

    Posted 07/02/2018 by Erick Archer

    Defy gravity by using household items to create a launcher that soars through the air. 

  • Summer of STEM: Egg in a Bottle

    Posted 06/27/2018 by Erick Archer

    Wow your friends by using STEM instead of magic to get a hard-boiled egg inside a milk bottle.  

  • Summer of STEM: Breaking Board Paradox

    Posted 06/21/2018 by Erick Archer

    Use this STEM experiment to take your karate chop to a new level. 

  • Students with TI-Innovator Rover
    Students with TI-Innovator Rover

    How to Keep Kids’ STEM Skills Sharp This Summer

    Posted 05/23/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw (@ellenfishpaw)

    Learn five ways to keep kids engaged with math and science after the last school bell rings to avoid the dreaded summer brain drain.

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