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Motivating tomorrow's scienTIsts


Inspire your students to think and act like scientists with Texas Instruments (TI) technology, science lessons, hands-on labs and simulations for middle and high schools.

Empower students to explore, engage and explain scientific phenomena

  • Utilize a wide range of devices for TI graphing calculators that are compact, durable and portable to use in class, in the lab or out in the field.

  • TI graphing calculators do not require an internet connection and are built without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cameras to keep students focused.

  • Students can use TI technology in science classes and math classes and on most major exams including AP® science.

Monitor student progress in real time

Track student progress with real-time assessment and more.

Make data collection fun and faster

Faster data collection with plug-and-play USB sensors.

In-class and after-school resources

Create a path for students to succeed in future science and STEM careers with lessons and project-based activities focusing on teaching core concepts.

Motivate with engaging lessons

Get hands-on and simulation-based experiences.

Create an active learning environment

Provide students with hands-on projects, robotics and coding.

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Get to know your software

Discover how to access, arrange and modify STEM content with our TI-Nspire™ CX Premium Teacher Software.

Watch on-demand webinars

Browse a library of professional learning webinars exploring all the uses and benefits of TI technology.

Ask the experts

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