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Financial literacy resources

Enhance financial literacy lesson plans with TI technology and free teacher resources made for middle school and high school courses.

Explore a wide range of financial literacy concepts with your students using TI technology.
Teach everything from simple and compound interest to amortization, loans and debts, and more.


Get access to free, premade lessons that explore essential financial literacy concepts all students should learn.


Discover how to use TI technology and graphing calculator apps to teach students the importance of personal finance.


Learn more about integrating TI technology in financial literacy lesson plans with in-depth webinars for teachers.

Screen showing Financial Solver App

Financial literacy app built into TI graphing calculators

TI graphing calculators include a built-in finance solver app that’s simple to use. Every student in the classroom can learn and understand financial responsibility by exploring questions about debt, interest, credit card interest rates, mortgages, college loans and much more.

Amortization tables

Breakeven analysis


Recommended technology to teach financial literacy lessons

Interactive demonstration software

Show an entire class how to use their calculators

Get teacher software for the TI-84 Plus CE Python and TI-Nspire™ CX family of graphing calculators and enable teachers to show an entire class ways to navigate their calculators and access menus.

Classroom management and assessment

Look at every student’s calculator screen

Teachers have total visibility into every student’s calculator screen to ensure they stay on task. Get real-time polling and assessment features included.

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