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Explore professional learning videos on demand for strategies and free teacher resources focused on financial literacy for students.

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It All Makes Sense: Connecting Mathematics With Financial Literacy

Discover activities that help students connect relevant math concepts to real-world financial literacy concepts.

Exploring TI's Finance Tools: Quantitative Reasoning for High School Math

Explore the built-in finance tools of TI graphing calculators useful for teaching students the importance of financial responsibility.

Using Graphing Calculators in Your Financial Literacy Program

Next Generation Personal Finance (NGPF) is leading the way in providing free, high-quality financial literacy curriculum. Find out how to use your TI-84 Plus CE or TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator to complement NGPF’s curriculum.

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Featured 7 for 7

7 for 7: Show Them the Money With
Mike Houston

Math teacher Mike Houston speaks on the importance of teaching financial literacy in K–12 and how the lessons he’s learned from his own financial obstacles can help teenagers prepare for adulthood.

Featured NGPF blog

“How to Integrate TI Calculators Into
NGPF Activities”

Learn new ways to build up student confidence in both math and personal finance with the help of TI graphing calculators and NGPF activities.

NGPF podcast

Math and financial literacy

Lindsay Gold, Ph.D., from University of Dayton, and Mike Houston from TI join the NGPF podcast to discuss TI’s financial literacy resources for educators and their perspective on how math fits into financial literacy education.

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Explore more in-person and virtual professional learning events for teachers to strengthen instructional practices and build on your technology skills.

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“T³™ professional development pushes you to think in a way that maybe you haven’t thought about in years.” — Bridget Soumeillan, Curriculum Developer Manager
Eureka Math at Great Minds (Louisiana)
“T³™ instructors go above and beyond to help us implement TI technology into our classes.” — Cindy Tobey, Geometry Teacher
Panama High School (Oklahoma)
“The instructor’s ability to deal with many different levels of preexisting knowledge was fabulous.” — Beth Boas, Mathematics Teacher
Woodbridge High School (Virginia)

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