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  • Tips for Surviving the First Week Back at School

    Posted 08/02/2018 by Jessica Kohout - Biology Teacher at Resevoir High School

    Make this the best school year ever with these 5 tips on surviving the first week of school.

  • Dive in and win!

    Posted 07/16/2018 by Texas Instruments

    This summer, make a splash with all things math! Dive in for a chance to win a free TI-84 Plus CE and/or a limited-edition, custom calculator pool float. We’re giving away prizes every week through August 17th.

  • Summer of STEM: Disappearing Cups

    Posted 07/09/2018 by Erick Archer

    Use an organic solvent to make a cup disappear.

  • Five Free Activities For Teaching Calculus

    Posted 07/05/2018 by Curtis Brown

    Calculus is the study of rates of change and how things vary together. Dynamic interactivity is key to teaching this course. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 key interactive activities for teaching concepts in calculus using TI-Nspire CX technology. 

  • Summer of STEM: Loop to Loop Cups

    Posted 07/02/2018 by Erick Archer

    Defy gravity by using household items to create a launcher that soars through the air. 

  • How to introduce your students to computational thinking in the math classroom

    Posted 06/29/2018 by Curtis Brown

    Are you curious about how to introduce your students to computational thinking? Writing a program to demonstrate their understanding of a math concept is a great way for students to apply computational thinking in the math classroom. In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps to incorporate computational thinking and programming into your math classroom.

  • Summer of STEM: Egg in a Bottle

    Posted 06/27/2018 by Erick Archer

    Wow your friends by using STEM instead of magic to get a hard-boiled egg inside a milk bottle.  

  • Making Math Connections Visually: Five Free Activities to Use in Your Algebra Class

    Posted 06/25/2018 by Curtis Brown

    Algebra is an essential part of every students’ math experience. However, we are often teaching abstract concepts that students struggle to grasp. Technology can help alleviate some of that pain by demonstrating those concepts in a new and intriguing way. In this post, we have pulled together five of our favorite algebra activities from the collection on the Math Nspired webpage. 

  • Summer of STEM: Breaking Board Paradox

    Posted 06/21/2018 by Erick Archer

    Use this STEM experiment to take your karate chop to a new level. 

  • TI Teacher of the Month: May 2018
    TI Teacher of the Month: May 2018

    Meet TI Teacher of the Month: Alice Fisher

    Posted 05/24/2018 by Kim Gonzales (@kimsgonzales)

    We’re celebrating teachers, like you, who make a difference in the classroom. This month, join us in getting to know Alice Fisher, an AP computer science teacher from Houston, who collaborates with professors from Rice University to integrate art into coding.

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