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  • Leveraging CAS To Explore & Teach Mathematics, Part 2

    Posted 01/28/2022 by Scott Knapp (@scottknapp)

    In the second part of this post, learn even more how CAS can be used to understand the math behind the answers it computes. We will look at examples that demonstrate how CAS benefits teaching and exploring concepts in the algebra II classroom.

  • Behind the Scenes of TI Codes

    Posted 01/21/2022 by John Hanna

    Take a peek behind the scenes of TI Codes with the author himself, John Hanna. Learn more about the history and conception of this popular free web resource that is teaching students and teachers to code in TI-Basic and Python on their TI calculators.

  • Top 10 T³™ Webinars From 2021

    Posted 01/14/2022 by Erica Schiller

    Is professional learning one of your 2022 goals? We can help you get started with a list of the top 10 most watched T³™ Webinars from 2021. Watch on your schedule and at your own pace. You can knock one out in no time.

  • Monday Night Calculus: Your Questions, Our Answers

    Posted 01/11/2022 by Curtis Brown (@cbmathguy)

    For the 2021–22 school year, TI has once again teamed up with former AP® Calculus Chief Reader Steve Kokoska and former Test Development committee member Tom Dick, to provide content sessions for students and teachers. Like last year, the sessions will cover content and questions that teachers have asked for, as well as original, unique problems on topics that come up in the sequence of teaching AP® Calculus.

  • How to Host Your Own TI Codes Contest

    Posted 01/07/2022 by Alison Steele, Senior Marketing Manager

    Want to help your students prepare for this year’s TI Codes Contest? Or just looking for some light, fun STEM competition to bring to your school or group? Check out this guide and download templates to help hold your own mini TI Codes Contest!

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: 5 Projects To Get Students Coding With Python!

    Posted 12/03/2021 by Becky Byer @ bb31415

    Computer Science Education Week is just around the corner … are you ready for some Python fun with your students? How do you plan to spend the week? Read on to learn about 5 projects to get students coding with Python.

  • Leveraging CAS to Explore and Teach Mathematics

    Posted 11/19/2021 by Scott Knapp (@scottknapp)

    CAS isn't only a tool to help find answers. CAS can be used to understand the math behind the answers it computes. Here, we’ll look at examples that demonstrate how CAS benefits teaching and exploring concepts in the math classroom.

  • Build It With TI: Science Olympiad

    Posted 11/15/2021 by Mike Smith and Erick Archer

    Help your Science Olympiad team prepare for changes to the Detector Building event with TI resources.

  • Have an AWEsum Fibonacci Day!

    Posted 11/12/2021 by Ron Lancaster, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

    Imagine a moment — let’s call it an awe moment — when something took your breath away, caught you off guard or surprised you. Now imagine an encounter with mathematics that left you awestruck. Read on to find out three awe moments to share with your students.

  • To STEM and Beyond!

    Posted 11/01/2021 by Stacy Thibodeaux (@stacythib)

    Read all about how one teacher uses TI technology in her STEM/robotics class to engage students, and support computer science and Python coding.

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