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5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Exam Week

Posted 12/14/2018 by Kim Gonzales

It’s here. Exam week. We’ve all been there — you’ve studied hard all year, put in the time, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. Especially when you’re studying for multiple exams at one time, how do you keep yourself healthy and calm?

Vanessa Vakharia, The Math Guru

Vanessa Vakharia, known as The Math Guru, has been in your shoes. In fact, when Vanessa was in high school, math class was a huge struggle. Thanks to some amazing teachers and life-changing learning environments, she’s a math lover, math teacher and founder of the trendy XAM study lounge!

She says, “Sometimes we’re so focused on working hard that we forget to take care of ourselves. What does that have to do with being good at math? We need our brains working properly to be good at math, right? And our brains live in our bodies.”

Below, Vakharia talks through some tips and habits you can practice to keep your brain healthy and happy during exam week. Watch her full takeover on our Instagram Story.

Anxiety Tip #1: Start a Freak-Out Journal

It’s so easy to feel like there are a million reasons to feel stressed and scattered, but writing everything down will totally help you realize that: a) there probably aren’t as many things stressing you out as you initially thought, and b) that some of the things on your list aren’t that big of a deal after all.

Anxiety Tip #2: Take a Brain Vacay

Getting worked up over that question that’s driving you nuts? Take a break. Seriously. Play with your cat. Wash your hair. Bake a cake. I don’t care. Just do something other than the question that’s making you crazy. Let your brain and body chill out, and you’ll come back ten times (approximately) stronger and ready to take on the world/your math homework.

Anxiety Tip #3: Just Breathe

I know it sounds cliché, but mindful breathing has changed my life. Do yourself a favor and download a free app like Headspace, and just try it for a solid week straight. Trust me!

Anxiety Tip #4: Nourish Thyself

Okay guys, I’m serious. When we’re stressed, we usually either forget to eat entirely or eat super crappy food full of sugar and caffeine, which ends up elevating our heart rate — the opposite of what we want when we’re feeling anxious and stressed out. For real: you are what you eat. Ditch the processed foods and turn to fresh fruit, vitamin-rich veggies and lots of water. Trust me, your body will chill out, and so will your mind.

Anxiety Tip #5: Be Your Rock Star Self

Guys, when all else fails, and you just can’t get out of that stress spiral in your head, I need you to listen to me: put on your fave jam real loud, turn out the lights, and have the craziest, sweatiest dance party of your life. When your body moves, your anxiety has an outlet to move through. Plus, how can you not feel better after dancing your face off to your fave tune? That’s basically why music exists, right?

You’ve got this. Read more tips in Vakharia’s book “Math Hacks: Cool Tips + Less Stress,” or watch her full takeover on our Instagram Story at @TICalculators. Follow her at @themathguru.