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3 Creepy and Cool Science Activities for Halloween

Posted 10/13/2023 by TI Staff

Halloween is creeping closer! Now is the best time to try out these spooky fun Halloween science activities to get your students engaged in their learning and thinking like scientists.

Every activity is made to use with TI graphing calculators and comes with all the files you need to download for free.

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I want to teach your BRAAIINS

Exponential growth and decay are often taught in the context of human populations, but what about dead ones? Add a creepy twist to your exponential growth lessons … with zombies!

This STEM Behind Hollywood “Zombie Apocalypse” activity explores the concept of exponential growth in a fun context your students can act out and enjoy during class.

Trigger an outbreak of learning and infectious fun in your classroom.

Check out the full zombie activity and download files

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What’s grosser than maggots?!

Try out an even more ghastly Halloween science activity that casts students in the role of a forensic anthropologist. In “Body of Evidence”, your students are provided information from a simulated death investigation that challenges them to identify the victim from a list of missing persons.

Of course, there’s an uglier and more horrific side to solving this case: The disgusting maggots and blowflies that can infest a decomposing body. (Yuck!) By matching interactive graphical plots of the data with the victim’s state of decomposition, the students unravel the case using the same STEM tools real-life investigators use. It’s sure to be an activity that’s an instant hit with students.

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Haunted! Or hoax?

Put your students on the (creepy) case as they explore STEM concepts looking into the ghost of “Dead Man’s Curve.” Ask students to analyze the science to decide if there’s even a ghost of a chance something is haunting the highway.

Designed to complement middle school physical science and high school physics, this activity engages students in explorations of electromagnetism, the relationship of wavelength and frequency, and practical applications of electromagnetic principles using either the TI Nspire™ CX or TI Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator.

Learn more about Dead Man's Curve and download the files

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