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5 Engineering Projects You Can Do in Your Science Class

Posted 02/19/2018 by Erick Archer

Bring awareness to the many career options that exist in the field of engineering by challenging your students to solve the problems listed below. They will have fun, work together, and learn about different engineering fields that use science every day. 

1. Environmental Engineering – The Garbage Problem!

Earth & Environmental Science 

Environmental engineers solve a variety of environmental issues, including what to do with all of our garbage. They assist developers in thinking about the environmental impact of garbage when creating new neighborhoods or businesses. In the “Garbage Problem” activity for the TI-84 graphing calculator, students realize how much garbage we create, which can lead to great discussions about finding reasonable solutions to a problem we have yet to solve.

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2. Chemical Engineering – A Good Cold Pack!

Physical Science and Chemistry

Chemical engineers use elements from the periodic table to design solutions to thousands of challenges and opportunities every day! From creating better processes to design microchips to creating the best cold packs for lunch coolers, chemical engineers are in high demand. In this activity, students collect data to inform their decisions on designing the best cold pack.

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3. Biomechanical Engineering – It’s Alive!

Life Science and Biology

Biomechanical engineering covers a wide range of careers and possibilities. Biomechanical Engineers work on a variety of projects – from creating solutions for people who have lost limbs to developing medical solutions, such as artificial organs. These problem-solvers are becoming increasingly important as technological breakthroughs continue to use machines to improve the lives of people with health issues. In this activity, students run a program for a robotic vehicle that emulates a living organism. As students observe the behaviors of the unknown “species”, they start thinking about the interactions between machines and living systems.

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4. Electrical Engineering – Build a Speaker!


Electrical engineers develop solutions for every electrical device on the planet. From your cell phone to solar farms to smart cars, everything that uses computer commands uses microchips that are designed by electrical engineers. They are essential to connecting and powering our modern world. As you may imagine, there is a huge demand for more electrical engineers. In this activity, students combine the physics of vibration/sound with electricity and coding to build their own speaker.

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5. Mechanical Engineering – Exploring the Depths!

Physical Science

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing machines big and small – from the engine under the hood of the newest sports car to the joy stick for your game console. Almost everything that has moving parts was designed by a mechanical engineer.  Mechanical engineering is also among the oldest of the engineering disciplines and has a rich history. This activity requires your students to use mechanical engineering skills to rescue a deep ocean rover from the murky sea floor.

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