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A Dozen Expressions of Love for TI-Cares™ Support 💘

Posted 02/10/2023 by TI-Cares™ Customer Support Staff

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
TI-Cares™ loves you
We really do!

At TI-Cares™ customer support, it is our pleasure and privilege to provide world-class customer support. We couldn’t love our teachers, administrators, students and parents more, and we are always flattered when they take the time to love us back! Below are quotes from customers who reached out to TI-Cares™ support or the TI Workshop Loan Program. These customers definitely know their way to our hearts!

  • 🌹 “LaShun was refreshing to deal with. She was willing to step through a complicated problem over a few calls to full resolution. She was friendly, she was kind and demonstrated knowledge. She is someone that I will love to work with on future support requests. People like LaShun make it easy to like the product and knowing that the support will be there for you.”

  • 🌹 “Superb that you guys support your products like this. Also, nice to talk to a genuine expert. love TI!”

  • 🌹 “Workshop Loan is a great service provided by TI. I love that I can borrow equipment when I am presenting so others can experience the power of TI products.”

  • 🌹 “I love the way you are, guys. I think purchasing a TI [product] was a great decision made for me. Thanks.”

  • 🌹 “Wendy was very patient. I loved the experience and will effusively recommend Texas Instruments to everyone I know!”

  • 🌹 “I love that this loaner program allows us to develop ways to integrate calculator usage into our classrooms!”

  • 🌹 “I called your offices and spoke to my new best friend Joana. Y’all are simply the best. I love the support of the Workshop Loan folks and especially Joana.”

  • 🌹 “Debora assisted me in ordering replacement batteries for two of our TI-84 Plus CE calculators. My children love using these calculators for high school and college as they have become a necessity for them to complete their coursework. I was relieved that I could replace the batteries instead of purchasing a brand-new product at this point. Thank you, Debora.”

  • 🌹 “I love Workshop Loan. A great way to get teachers excited about PD and see new tools available.”

  • 🌹 “Thank you for hiring super customer-oriented service people! I love the TI-Nspire™ product and encourage my students to learn as much about their use in my classroom and on district and national tests.”

  • 🌹 “She provided me with more than what I needed and made me feel like I had been interacting with a real human and not a robot. lovely. My late father had a TI calculator. Black buttons, metal behind and a red readout. Nothing but good vibes from TI. THANK YOU!”

  • 🌹 “Christina is very professional and responsive, she was able to fix my problem easily. I thought I would have a hard time. However, I am sure as long as you have staff members ... like Christina, the customer will love to deal with you again and again.”

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TI-Cares™ customer support is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. U.S. Central time, and Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more about borrowing technology from our Workshop Loan Program for your educator workshop, product evaluation or conference presentation. We would love for you to contact us!

“I’m going to come and hug your neck.”
A happy customer’s response to help she received on a call.

About: For more than 30 years, TI-Cares™ customer support has provided world-class customer support to our teachers, administrators, students, parents, professionals and others. We strive to provide every customer with an exceptional support experience. We look forward to helping you in the future!

A special thanks to the agents of the TI-Cares™ Call Center who keep our customers happy and feeling loved. Names used are those of real agents and are used with permission.