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ICYMI: Top 10 Webinars of 2019

Posted 01/10/2020 by Erica Schiller

The start of a new year is the perfect time for setting new goals and prepping for the next few months of classes. Maybe your goals are huge, year-long goals or maybe it’s a small, daily habit that you’d like to implement. Either way, one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is by having a list. You can’t finish everything at once, but you need to break up your growth into easy, achievable sections.

If professional development is one of your goals, we’ve put together a list to help you get started. Below are the top 10 most watched webinars from 2019. These are all free and on-demand. You can watch at your leisure, and most are only an hour long. You can knock one out in no time!

  1. Algebra Through Calculus: Domain and Range of Functions
    Hosted by Corey Boby and Kim Thomas

    AP® Calculus Readers discuss domain and range of functions in this second session of our “Algebra Through Calculus” series.
  2. Algebra Through Calculus: Seeing Structure in Expressions and Equations
    Hosted by Janice Mitchener and Dennis Wilson

    In this webinar, AP® Calculus Readers discuss seeing structure in expressions and equations from algebra I through calculus and highlight expectations across the grade levels to prep for AP® Calculus.
  3. Something Old, Something New With the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
    Hosted by Johnny Ashurst and Kathy Hale

    In this webinar, the presenters promote strategies that connect some frequently overlooked TI-84 Plus CE capabilities with students’ analytical thinking.
  4. ACT® Math Test Success, Part 1: Strategies and Skills
    Hosted by Pat Flynn and Jeff McCalla

    Explore strategies and TI graphing calculator skills that can help students prepare for the math section of the ACT® test.
  5. Flipping for the Interactive Classroom
    Hosted by Audrey Cucci and JoAnn Miltenberg

    This session focuses on educational technology that motivates and encourages students to exceed their own expectations in the classroom.
  6. Making Mathematical Connections Across a Vertical Curriculum
    Hosted by Lynn Adsit and Kim Schjelderup

    In this webinar, you’ll take a journey through middle and high school mathematics curriculum by focusing on one rich problem.
  7. A Slice of Pi Across the Ages
    Hosted by Karen Campe and Irina Lyublinskya

    Explore simulation ideas surrounding pi, and cover a range of topics for use in your math classroom.
  8. Algebra Through Calculus: Piecewise Functions and Graphs
    Hosted by Vickie Carter and Anthony Record

    AP® Calculus Readers discuss piecewise functions and graphs in this session of our “Algebra Through Calculus” series.
  9. Connecting Mathematics to Current Events and Daily Life Using Newspaper Articles and TI Technology
    Hosted by Ron Lancaster

    Join NCTM columnist Ron Lancaster as he uses current events and TI technology to develop mathematical questions related to daily life.
  10. Strategies for Implementing Tasks in the Math Classroom: Part 1
    Hosted by Dan Ilaria and Jeremy Zelkowski

    Explore instructional practices that support the implementation of high-quality tasks using TI technology.

After finishing a webinar, don’t forget to print a certificate of completion. This may be accepted at your school or district for continuing education credit.

If you enjoyed these on-demand webinars, you should also try joining the live, interactive webinars on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Central time to ask questions and share ideas with presenters and other participants. Find our list of upcoming webinars here.

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About the author: Erica Schiller is a Marketing Programs Manager at Texas Instruments Education Technology. In this role, she promotes professional development opportunities using TI technology to educators to support student success. Schiller has over 25 years of experience in marketing, public relations and event planning in technology and education markets.