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Top 10 T³™ Webinars From 2022

Posted 01/20/2023 by Erica Schiller

Are you looking for fun, new ways to engage your students using TI technology? Is professional learning one of your 2023 goals? We can help you get started with a list of the top 10 T³™ Webinars from 2022.

These sessions are led by classroom teachers and are each an hour long. You can watch recordings on your schedule, at your own pace, and follow along with your TI graphing calculator.

After finishing a webinar, don’t forget to print the certificate of completion. This may be accepted at your school or district for professional development credit.

  1. Falling Back in Love With Your TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator Just in Time for Back to School
    Presented by Corey Boby and Tracy Watson

    Find ideas for activities you can use with students to get them to love mathematics as much as we all do. You’ll explore:
    • Graphing functions and the relationships between the equation, table and graph.
    • Expressions using the home screen and tables.
    • Inequality graphing and applications.
    • Geometric transformations.

    “Awesome helpful tips and great examples to start the year.” — Robin Midiri, Oak Park USD (California)

  2. Assessing Student Thinking and Understanding Beyond the Right Answer
    Presented by Sherri Abel and Jan Mitchener

    Is the answer to a mathematical question the end of learning? How might you use TI technology to move beyond the answer? Discover strategies for getting students thinking beyond the right (or wrong) answer.

    “I found the presenters engaging. [They] interacted well with each other, modeling what they would do with their students and demonstrating how teachers could implement it in individual classrooms. [It’s] easy to see how ideas could be applied in a variety of classes.” — Donna McIntosh, Lord Beaverbrook High School (Alberta, Canada)

  3. Tricks and Treats: Halloween Ideas for Your Math Classroom
    Presented by Tom Reardon

    Explore how to make math-o-lantern faces using functions and/or the draw menu on your TI graphing calculator. Let your students be creative!

    “It showed me some fun things to do with my students and their calculators while getting into the Halloween spirit.” — Michelle Keating, Lewis County High School (Tennessee)

  4. World of Pi
    Presented by Karen Campe and Irina Lyublinskaya

    Teachers around the globe celebrate pi, the magical, mathematical and infinite constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Learn how to use TI technology to explore pi in different areas of mathematics.

    “[I liked] all of the activities that we could do with our students.” — Brianna Pulley, University of Akron (Ohio)

  5. Teaching Topics Efficiently: Expressions and Equations From Algebra Through Calculus
    Presented by Scott Knapp and Jan Mitchener

    AP® Calculus Readers discuss seeing structure in expressions and equations from algebra I through calculus. They highlight expectations across the grade levels, building a conceptual foundation in preparation for AP® Calculus.

  6. Preparing for the Big Day — the AP® Statistics Exam
    Presented by Jeff McCalla and Tracy Watson

    Discover strategies to effectively review the AP® Statistics curriculum with your students in a few weeks and explore the key calculator skills students need for the AP® Statistic exam.

    “Great info that we can access immediately!” — Myrna Frost, Conroe High School (Texas)

  7. Spicing Up Mathematics With Python
    Presented by Becky Byer and Adam Pennell

    Integrating Python coding in the math classroom can enhance and engage students in learning mathematics. Presenters start with some basics and provide step-by-step resources for both teachers and students.

    “Very clear instructions and a great teacher’s guide.” — Von Elwood, Bastrop ISD (Texas)

  8. Accelerating Student Learning
    Presented by Sherri Abel, Margaret Bambrick, Michael Houston and Dan Ilaria

    When students lack the mathematical foundation to access grade-level mathematics, we need to focus instruction on supporting their learning. Examine some just-in-time strategies that can assist in ensuring all students are successful in their continued mathematics studies.

    “The content was practical … designed for educators to help educators. It dealt with ideas to improve teaching/learning. ...” — Dr. Barry Farris, Columbia Academy (Tennessee)

  9. Integrating Topics of Statistics Into Middle and High School Mathematics
    Presented by Diane Broberg and Karlheinz Haas

    Explore ways to integrate key concepts of statistics in an already crowded curriculum. And while you’re integrating these concepts, you will also prepare your students for the topics that typically appear on the SAT® or ACT® exams.

    “I loved it! The presenters were awesome. They were passionate, and we had fun listening.” — Alyssa Fisher, Union High School (Oklahoma)

  10. Tackling Topic 4: Statistics and Probability in the IB® Mathematics Curriculum
    Presented by Daniel Wilkie

  11. Explore statistics and probability lessons on the TI website, such as the “Binomial PDF Eye Color” and “Chi-Squared Tests” activities, how they align to the IB® curriculum, and how you can leverage TI graphing calculators in your IB® math classroom.

    If you enjoyed these on-demand webinars, we hope you will join our live webinars on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. Central time throughout the school year. Come ask questions and share ideas with presenters and other participants. Find our schedule of upcoming T³™ Webinars.

    About the Author: Erica Schiller is Customer Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments Education Technology. In this role, she promotes TI graphing technology, resources and professional learning opportunities to educators to support student success. Schiller has 30 years of experience in marketing, public relations and event planning in technology and education markets.

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