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Integrating Topics of Statistics Into Middle and High School Mathematics

When: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022 | 7 p.m. Central time
Technology: TI-84 Plus family, TI-Nspire™ technology
Presenters: Diane Broberg, Karlheinz Haas

In recent years, topics of Statistics and Probability have slowly found their way into the states’ standards documents and comprise an integral part of the CCSS.

Add to that, a sizable enough portion of the questions on the ACT® and SAT® exams are now addressing some of those topics, raising the stakes for our students.

Although those only test a specific and limited set of concepts (mean, median and mode, as well as range and standard deviation), states’ expectations and assessments go way beyond those. But short of expecting all students to take a separate Statistics/Probability course, how can teachers find the time to include those concepts in an already crowded curriculum?

In this webinar, the presenters will explore ways to integrate key concepts of statistics by:

  • Exploring examples of statistics concepts found throughout the typical middle school and high school mathematics courses.
  • Developing activities that provide our students with the tools for describing variability in data and for making informed decisions.
  • Discussing ways to integrate the “new” while still teaching the “old.”

And while you’re integrating these concepts, you will also prepare your students for the topics that typically appear on the SAT® or ACT® exams.

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Diane Broberg

Math Teacher
Mary Institute Country Day School
T³™ Regional Instructor
St. Louis, Missouri

Karlheinz Haas

Math Teacher
The Pine School
T³™ National Instructor
Hobe Sound, Florida

"I loved it! The presenters were awesome. They were passionate, and we had fun listening." — Alyssa Fisher, Union High School (Oklahoma)
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