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How to recycle calculators

We make it easy to recycle your
Texas Instruments calculator in an eco-friendly way.

How do I recycle my Texas Instruments calculator?

You may ship your calculator back to us for recycling at:

TI Calculator Recycling
13601 Independence Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76177

Please note customers must cover any shipping costs. If you would prefer to find a recycling facility in or around your area, please visit the U.S. EPA Electronics Donation and Recycling website.  

Recycling calculators = less waste + a more sustainable future

Texas Instruments calculators and rechargeable batteries are purposefully built to last for years and follow students from middle school to high school, college and beyond. And yet, there may come a day when you need to say goodbye to your calculator.

That’s why we make it easy for customers to recycle calculators in an eco-friendly way and reduce waste. Learn more about TI's commitment to operate in a socially thoughtful and environmentally responsible manner at


For questions about how to recycle calculators, please contact TI-Cares™ customer support.