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Discover the fun of learning and
coding with graphing calculators

Texas Instruments (TI) and Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas have teamed up to introduce more girls to coding using TI graphing calculators.

Get step-by-step activities to earn Coding for Good, Badge 1: Coding Basics

Our easy-to-follow activities — available from Junior level (beginners) to Ambassador level (advanced) — are made for the TI-84 Plus and TI-Nspire™ CX families of graphing calculators and can be completed individually or as a troop. Since many girls are already familiar with TI graphing calculators from math and science classes, writing their first line of code can be easier than ever!

After completing the activities, girls will have earned the Coding for Good, Badge 1: Coding Basics and learned how they can write code to create positive change in the world.

Flexible options for Girl Scouts to earn their badge


Individual Girl Scouts can use the TI graphing calculator they already own to complete lessons at home.

Troop workshops

Collaborate and complete lessons as a group. Troop leaders can borrow TI graphing calculators so everyone can work together.

TI-facilitated event

Ask a TI expert to host a virtual event. Contact us today, and we’ll work out all the details to help you get coding.

Did you know? Many of today’s leading engineers learned to write their first program on a TI graphing calculator — and now Girl Scouts can too!

Choose your TI graphing calculator and get coding today

Need TI graphing calculators?

The TI expert in your area is available to make sure Girl Scouts have everything they need to earn their first Coding for Good badge.

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We’ll help you get started

If you have questions about getting started, the Girl Scouts Volunteer Guide helps explain what you can do to get your Girl Scouts coding.

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