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  • Meet the Texas Calculus Teacher Who Won the Spread the Math Love Contest and a Trip to MIT

    Posted 10/29/2019 by Ellen Fishpaw (@ellenfishpaw)

    Read how calculus teacher Walter Meyer, the latest winner of the Spread the Math Love Contest, helps his students realize that the highest levels of math are within their reach.

  • Meet the First Winner of the Spread the Math Love Contest Who Is Making Military Dreams Come True

    Posted 05/29/2019 by Ellen Fishpaw

    While the school year is winding down, TI’s new Spread the Math Love Contest is heating up. Meet the first winner, a calculus teacher from Florida, and find out how you can nominate someone you know to help make their dreams come true.

  • Meet TI Teacher of the Month: Tim Collier

    Posted 02/25/2019 by Ellen Fishpaw

    We’re celebrating teachers, like you, who make a difference in the classroom. This month, join us in getting to know Tim Collier, who likes to combine math and play to bring complex concepts to life for his students.

  • Free Resources for AP® Calculus

    Posted 01/28/2019 by Curtis Brown, math specialist, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

    TI in Focus resources include videos, documents and calculator files that explore scoring, common misconceptions and techniques for approaching topics in the released free-response questions of the AP® Calculus AB and BC exams through the lens of graphing technology.

  • Slope: It Shouldn’t Just Be a Formula

    Posted 11/05/2018 by Curtis Brown, math specialist, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

    Rate of change (aka slope) is a concept that reverberates throughout every level of mathematics. But, how do we help our students grasp this concept early on so that it connects from one level to the next?

  • Five Free Activities For Teaching Calculus

    Posted 07/05/2018 by Curtis Brown

    Calculus is the study of rates of change and how things vary together. Dynamic interactivity is key to teaching this course. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 key interactive activities for teaching concepts in calculus using TI-Nspire CX technology.