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3 Back-to-School Math Activities to Reenergize Your Students

Posted 08/11/2023 by TI Staff

There’re always plenty of planning to do for back to school, but organizing math activities for the new school year doesn’t have to be a huge chore.

Try out any of these fun and engaging activities to get the young minds in your class moving and ready to learn again after the long summer break.

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Be on the lookout during your math scavenger hunts

Exercise those math and body muscles with scavenger hunts that will help you reawaken your students’ thinking skills. Ideal for your algebra or precalculus classes, these scavenger hunts include:
  • Posters to hang around the classroom.
  • Student and teacher answer sheets.

Save this activity as part of your back-to-school lessons.

Download this activity when you’re ready to start the fun.

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Coloring discovery: Reveal the hidden pictures!

Give students something simple and entertaining to do while they ease into the new school year. Hidden in these two free coloring activities are pictures of a watermelon and sunglasses, and it’s up to your students to find them using their math skills and trusty TI graphing calculators.

Challenge students to find the image that’s hiding away.

Add this activity to your list of favorites for this school year.

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Draw it with piecewise

These activity worksheets are perfect for students fresh off a break. Let them chat about their summer vacations as they demonstrate their knowledge of domain and range with creative visualizations.

Choose from two designs, a happy clam or skittering crab, with three levels of complexity so you can pick what’s best for your class. Students can define the math to draw the complete image, find the missing pieces of math to finish the partial image, or create a unique design using their own math skills.

Piece these activities together to draw the image.

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Bonus activity: Geometry reflections

Made exclusively for the TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator, this bundle includes a total of five activities for students to play, investigate, explore and discover (PIED) with a series of video lessons exploring reflections.

These activities are intended to be an introduction to geometric transformations for middle grades or high school students. Each of the five activity groups include:
  • Premade activity and calculator files.
  • Student handouts and teacher notes.
  • Google Forms for sharing through Google Classroom.

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Every now and then students just need a little spark to get them reenergized after the summer break. Make sure to bookmark these back-to-school math activities for when the time comes to get them back in the spirit of learning.

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