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TI offers a unique program to educators who are training other educators on how to integrate TI technology in the classroom. Educators may borrow TI equipment at no cost to use in a workshop/session for in-service or pre-service teachers, for use at a conference or for evaluation before purchasing. More details about the program can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

product customer support WOLOP (workshop loan program) for TI Nspire technolgy, graphing calculators and software

Borrow Texas Instruments scientific calculators, graphing calculators, the TI-Nspire™ CX Navigator™ System, or Data collection devices for workshop or evaluation purposes.

TI Technology Loan Request Form

Borrowing TI Technology is free to Educators. Loans are subject to availability, intended use and duration. Priority is given to teacher professional development events. To request a loan please complete the appropriate Workshop Loan Request Form 30 days prior to the start date of your event.

Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Loan must be requested 30-Days prior to "need by" date. Note that summer months (May - August) are our busiest period. We recommend that you request your equipment earlier for events during the summer months.
  • The attendees of the workshop/session are in-service or pre-service teachers.
  • The loan should NOT be requested to support classroom use or student use, including testing
  • Limit the amount of products requested for evaluation loans to one or two handhelds total.
  • Provide an accurate ship-to name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Return the equipment on time so that we may support other educators. Failure to return borrowed equipment on time can result in denial of future loan requests.
  • Extra batteries are included in cases to replace low batteries. Discard old batteries. Please do not return them.
  • If there are any changes made to the calculators please let us know by placing a note in the case (especially changes to software applications).
  • Loans are approved on a first come first served basis.
  • Please share your feedback with us by completing our online survey which you will receive once the equipment has been returned.

Workshop Loan Program Request Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Workshop Loan Program?

The Workshop Loan Program provides educators with the opportunity to train fellow educators on how to effectively incorporate technology into their classrooms. The requested equipment is shipped to and from the event at no cost. The Workshop Loan Program supports teacher professional development events, workshops, in-service events, and conference sessions. The Workshop Loan Program also provide evaluation loans to teachers who are incorporating TI technology into their curriculum, but wish to evaluate the products before purchasing.

How does the Workshop Loan program work?

Texas Instruments will ship the requested equipment at no cost to you and provide prepaid shipping labels to return the equipment when your event is over. To participate, you must meet the requirements for requesting a loan and review and accept the program guidelines and responsibilities. Requests can be made by completing an online TI Technology Loan Request Form for either the US or Canadian Workshop Loan Program.

What are the requirements to request a loan?

If you would like to request a loan you must make your request 30 days prior to the event’s start date. The equipment may only be used for teacher professional development events, where the attendees of the event are in-service or pre-service teachers, or for evaluation loans to educators.

Can I use loan equipment for classroom use with students or for student testing events?

Loan requests intended for student use are not supported. This includes any loan request for testing and classroom use with students. The Workshop Loan Programs have limited inventories and therefore can support only teacher professional development events and evaluation loans for educators.

Can I request equipment on behalf of someone else to use at an event?

No. Loan requests must be submitted by the educator that will be receiving and returning the equipment to the Workshop Loan Program.

Why must I submit my request 30 days in advance?

Submitting your request at least 30 days in advance increases the likelihood that equipment will be available to support your event. It also provides the Workshop Loan Program with the time needed to prepare and ship the equipment to your event.

How do I know if my request is approved?

Loan recipients with the US Workshop Loan Program receive a confirmation email at approximately 8:00 PM Central Time on the day that their loan request is entered. The confirmation email will include a loan number, the event dates, the list of the requested equipment with quantities and the arrival and due dates of the shipment.

How long can I keep the equipment I borrow?

A typical loan duration is two weeks. This allows for outbound and return shipping as well as use at the event. It is extremely important to return loan equipment by the due date as equipment may be promised for another event. Failure to return loan equipment on time can result in denial of future loan requests.

Why can't I request to keep the product more than two weeks?

Due to limited supplies, loan equipment must be managed carefully. Limiting the duration provides other educators with the opportunity to borrow equipment for their events and evaluation loans.

How do I return the equipment?

Each container includes a preprinted/prepaid shipping label specific to that container for the return shipment. Simply remove the old shipping label and attach the return shipping labels to the outside of the container. Contact Federal Express at (800) GoFedEx to schedule a pickup. You will also receive an Instruction Letter in with your loan equipment that provides further detail. Please note that if your loan equipment is returning by Ground shipment, you must tell FedEx to schedule a Ground shipment pickup.

Can I purchase the equipment that I received once my training is complete?

No. The Workshop Loan program is not designed to sell equipment that is used on loan. Please visit the TI website for a list of Instructional Dealers and Retailers that sell TI technology.

What if a borrowed item is lost or stolen?

If an item is lost or stolen, please report the incident immediately to the Workshop Loan Program.

What if I receive broken product?

Please contact Workshop Loan Program immediately to report broken equipment. If needed, we will ship you replacement product as soon as possible. Damaged or broken equipment must be returned with your loan when your event is over. Please leave a note or some other identifier on the item itself so we can remove broken or defective products from our inventory.