Education Technology
  • A Prime Summer Reading List Math Teachers Will Absolutely Love

    Posted 06/05/2024 by TI Staff and TI Teacher Community

    Keep summer brain rot at bay with this sizzling summer reading list for teachers! Dive into engaging teaching practices, captivating histories and intriguing mysteries for both math and science enthusiasts. Check out our newest additions to the list: fun math reads for students!

  • Women Who Code: A TI Intern’s Fascinating STEM Journey

    Posted 08/16/2023 by TI Staff

    Discover how a TI intern’s STEM journey has taken her from not being exposed to coding at all in high school to now majoring in computer engineering. Learn about the barriers she’s had to overcome as well as the benefits she’s learned about using a calculator to code.

  • A New School Year — A New You(Tube)!

    Posted 08/04/2023 by TI Staff

    Just in time for the new school year, the TI YouTube channel is taking on a new look with great new content for teachers and students.

  • An Atomic Summer Reading List for Math Teachers

    Posted 06/02/2023 by TI Staff

    From “Rocket Girls” to “Atomic Habits,” this summer reading list is a treasure trove of explosive thinking! Explore the science of the mind and learning, the strange stories of the periodic table, and the impact of women in math on the world as we know it.

  • Get Energized for the New School Year With T³™ Professional Learning

    Posted 05/19/2023 by Kevin Spry and Erica Schiller

    Summer break is an important time for teachers to recharge and also a time when educators can take the opportunity of flexible schedules to participate in a range of professional learning events. See what TI is offering this summer.

  • How To Avoid 5 Common Grant Writing Mistakes

    Posted 05/12/2023 by Jennifer Brewer Cezar, Grant Partnership Consultant

    Many factors go into writing a successful grant proposal. Here’s tips on how to avoid the five most common grant writing mistakes.

  • Survey Says: Kids Like Math!

    Posted 08/28/2018 by Peter Balyta, Ph.D., President of Texas Instruments Education Technology

    Contrary to popular belief, students actually like math a lot more than they let on.  A new study from Texas Instruments reveals nearly twice as many students like math as those who dislike it. Keep reading to see what middle and high school students say motivates them most in math class.