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  • Meet TI Teacher of the Month: Fatemia Fuson

    Posted 09/26/2018 by Kim Gonzales

    We’re celebrating teachers, like you, who make a difference in the classroom. This month, join us in getting to know Fatemia Fuson, a graphic designer turned math and computer science teacher.

  • TI Teacher of the Month: May 2018
    TI Teacher of the Month: May 2018

    Meet TI Teacher of the Month: Alice Fisher

    Posted 05/24/2018 by Kim Gonzales (@kimsgonzales)

    We’re celebrating teachers, like you, who make a difference in the classroom. This month, join us in getting to know Alice Fisher, an AP computer science teacher from Houston, who collaborates with professors from Rice University to integrate art into coding.

  • Students with TI-Innovator Rover
    Students with TI-Innovator Rover

    How to Keep Kids’ STEM Skills Sharp This Summer

    Posted 05/23/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw (@ellenfishpaw)

    Learn five ways to keep kids engaged with math and science after the last school bell rings to avoid the dreaded summer brain drain.

  • TI Codes Contest
    TI Codes Contest

    Insider Tips for Winning the TI Codes Contest

    Posted 04/11/2018 by Kim Gonzales, @kimsgonzales

    You’ve made it through the first round of the TI Codes Contest. Congratulations! Now the real fun begins as you sketch out a solid plan in hopes of advancing to the next round.

  • Who knew math had moves?

    Posted 03/28/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw, @ellenfishpaw

    Students face-off in Rover dance-off as part of a STEM day at schools across San Antonio.

  • Science Sims Can Be Phenomenal!

    Posted 03/20/2018 by Erick Archer

    The expression “seeing is believing” is usually true. But in science education, many of the concepts can be quite difficult for students to observe because they can be very small, very large, very fast or very slow. So how can we provide students with an experience of science phenomena in the confined 45 to 90 minutes of a class period? One option is with simulations. Try these 5 simulation-based lessons with your students.

  • Building Bridges with Math + Engineering

    Posted 02/20/2018 by Kelly Kutach @TIKellyK

    Build bridges, literally, between math and science concepts with this fun, and meaningful project that lets all students embrace their inner engineer.

  • 5 Engineering Projects You Can Do in Your Science Class

    Posted 02/19/2018 by Erick Archer

    Bring awareness to engineering careers with these 5 science and STEM activities.  Students learn about different engineering fields that use science everyday.

  • Keep it real for back to school

    Posted 08/24/2017 by Texas Instruments

    9 things to really help with the new school year

  • Find the Frequen-Z!

    Posted 07/10/2017 by Erick Archer

    New STEM Behind Hollywood activity designed to help embed coding into your math and science curriculum – and help your students avoid becoming snacks for zombies.

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