Education Technology
  • Get Ready for a Math-Packed School Year

    Posted 07/31/2019 by Courtney Ruggles

    Get ready for a math-packed school year. Enter for a chance to win a TI-84 Plus CE or TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator of your choice. Prizes are awarded each week through Sept. 6, 2019.

  • 3 Fun Ways to Create Seating Charts

    Posted 09/18/2018 by Kim Thomas – High School Math Teacher and Life-Long Learner

    Take a chore and make it into a game! Read 3 ways to make seating charts you and your students will love.

  • Survey Says: Kids Like Math!

    Posted 08/28/2018 by Peter Balyta, Ph.D., President of Texas Instruments Education Technology

    Contrary to popular belief, students actually like math a lot more than they let on.  A new study from Texas Instruments reveals nearly twice as many students like math as those who dislike it. Keep reading to see what middle and high school students say motivates them most in math class.

  • Tips for Surviving the First Week Back at School

    Posted 08/02/2018 by Jessica Kohout - Biology Teacher at Resevoir High School

    Make this the best school year ever with these 5 tips on surviving the first week of school.

  • Dive in and win!

    Posted 07/16/2018 by Texas Instruments

    This summer, make a splash with all things math! Dive in for a chance to win a free TI-84 Plus CE and/or a limited-edition, custom calculator pool float. We’re giving away prizes every week through August 17th.