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  • A Math Teacher's Guide to Valentine's Day Fun

    Posted 02/06/2024 by TI Staff

    Are you looking for Valentine’s Day math activities and fun ideas to decorate your classroom? Explore free and easy ways to show off your love of math while getting your students excited to learn.

  • Science Activities for Heart Health Month

    Posted 02/02/2024 by Erica Schiller, @ericaschiller

    With American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better time to explore cardiovascular health with your students? Here are several science lessons that will get your heart pumping!

  • The Heartbeat of STEM

    Posted 01/30/2024 by Jessica Kohout, @MrsKohout

    It’s the stimulating, heart-pounding STEM project that will get your students excited about Python programming. Check out this free activity that helps them learn the basics of coding while exploring the function and structure of the human heart.

  • TI Codes Contest: Winning Tips for First-Timers

    Posted 01/24/2024 by Erick Archer, TI Science Specialist

    Are you or your students interested in entering the TI Codes Contest for the first time? Get beginner tips and advice for help getting started.

  • Helpful AP® Precalculus resources teachers will love

    Posted 01/03/2024 by Vicki Carter, T³™ National Instructor (@vickimcarter)

    This 2023–2024 school year, the AP® Precalculus course became a reality for both teachers and students. Let’s look at some resources and technology tips to help students — and teachers — find success.

  • 12 Days of Fun Holiday Math Activities

    Posted 11/17/2023 by TI Staff

    Explore these 12 holiday-themed math activities for students that will fill the days before the holiday break with joy and learning.

  • What’s the Difference Between a 3% Fee and a 1% Fee? Over a Million Dollars!

    Posted 11/10/2023 by Erick Archer, Market Strategy Manager at Texas Instruments

    “My main purpose of making this offer is to get this knowledge taught in high schools. They need this!” TI is helping to address retired Air Force Major Harold Peter’s desire to help students understand saving for retirement.

  • Thumbnail

    TI Graphing Calculators + Vernier Go Direct® Sensors = A Match Made in STEM!

    Posted 10/27/2023 by Erick Archer, Market Strategy Manager, Texas Instruments

    What do science students get when teachers connect Vernier Go Direct® sensors with TI’s Python-capable graphing calculators? An easy-to-use, portable and wireless data collection system that gets them more engaged in their learning!

  • 3 Creepy and Cool Science Activities for Halloween

    Posted 10/13/2023 by TI Staff

    Halloween is creeping closer! Now is the best time to try out these spooky fun Halloween science activities to get your students engaged in their learning and thinking like scientists.

  • Fall-Tastic Ideas To Enrich Your Classroom This Season

    Posted 10/04/2023 by TI Staff

    With the changing of the seasons, it’s that time of the year for harvest-themed decor, engaging student activities and delightful DIY ideas that infuse your classroom with touches of autumn.

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