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  • Learn to Code with Your TI Graphing Calculator

    Posted 09/16/2019 by Kimberly Gonzales, Coding Expert

    Learning how to program on your TI graphing calculator in high school can spark a passion that can lead to many amazing career choices. In this post, we are sharing secrets on how to get started coding with your TI calculator.

  • Nothing Says “I Love You” Like an Absolute Value Graph ❤

    Posted 02/11/2019 by Ellen Fishpaw

    Who needs Hallmark? Win your students’ hearts with homemade math valentines.

  • Free Resources for AP® Calculus

    Posted 01/28/2019 by Curtis Brown, math specialist, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

    TI in Focus resources include videos, documents and calculator files that explore scoring, common misconceptions and techniques for approaching topics in the released free-response questions of the AP® Calculus AB and BC exams through the lens of graphing technology.

  • Testing Tips: Using Calculators on Class Assessments

    Posted 11/26/2018 by Karen Campe, Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T3™) National Instructor

    Whether you are giving a short quiz, a chapter test or end-of-term exam, here are some tips for how to use TI calculators successfully on class assessments.

  • Making Math Connections Visually: Five Free Activities to Use in Your Algebra Class

    Posted 06/25/2018 by Curtis Brown

    Algebra is an essential part of every students’ math experience. However, we are often teaching abstract concepts that students struggle to grasp. Technology can help alleviate some of that pain by demonstrating those concepts in a new and intriguing way. In this post, we have pulled together five of our favorite algebra activities from the collection on the Math Nspired webpage. 

  • Science Sims Can Be Phenomenal!

    Posted 03/20/2018 by Erick Archer

    The expression “seeing is believing” is usually true. But in science education, many of the concepts can be quite difficult for students to observe because they can be very small, very large, very fast or very slow. So how can we provide students with an experience of science phenomena in the confined 45 to 90 minutes of a class period? One option is with simulations. Try these 5 simulation-based lessons with your students.

  • 3.1415… Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

    Posted 03/08/2018 by Kimberly Gonzales (@kimsgonzales)

    Celebrate pi day using these fun math activities your students are sure to love. It’s as easy as 3.1415….

  • 5 Engineering Projects You Can Do in Your Science Class

    Posted 02/19/2018 by Erick Archer

    Bring awareness to engineering careers with these 5 science and STEM activities.  Students learn about different engineering fields that use science everyday.

  • Fall in Love with Polar Graphs: Top 4 Ways to Turn Heads with the TI-84 Plus

    Posted 02/05/2018 by Kimberly Gonzales

    In honor of Valentine’s Day, we teach you how to turn your TI graphing calculator into a love note.

  • 5+ Tips for Using the TI-84 Plus in Your Math Class

    Posted 01/11/2018 by Tom Reardon

    In this post, Tom highlights the five tips for the TI-84 Plus that he highlighted in his Office Hours on Facebook Live.  Missed the Facebook Live or want to watch it again? The link is included in the blog post. Download a PDF guide that details more of Tom’s tips for using the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator in your math class.

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