Education Technology
  • Let’s Get Back to the Basics

    Posted 08/27/2019 by TI Staff

    Get back to the basics with a calculator activity that helps teachers assess their students’ understanding of previously learned math concepts.

  • What to Do Instead of a Traditional Final Exam

    Posted 12/03/2018 by Jeff McCalla, math teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, Tennessee

    You aren’t giving a final exam? Have you lost your mind? Are there other ways to assess student progress in your classes?

  • End-of-Marking Period Feedback Is a Two-Way Street

    Posted 11/12/2018 by Karen Campe, Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T3™) National Instructor

    How might we make end-of-marking period evaluations into a constructive tool for the teacher AND the students? Here is one teacher’s plan.