Education Technology

Geometry: Dilations- Lesson Bundle

by Texas Instruments

Google Form for Paperless Classrooms

The student worksheet has been provided as a Google Form to provide support for the "paperless classroom". Copy the Google Form here. (Note: For more information, visit Google Support). The Google Form brings the student activity to life with the videos embedded. PDF's are also provided in the Download section. For optimal student engagement, have students download the TNS file prior to watching the videos, and then actively engage in the explorations while using the student activity sheet.


Students will:

  • verify experimentally the properties of dilations given by a point of dilation and a scale factor.
  • learn to identify and perform dilations.
  • understand the effects that dilation has upon a triangle by manipulating the triangle.
  • explore the relationship between the corresponding parts of the pre-image and image triangles.
  • explain (conjecture) how underlying properties relate to dilation.

About the Lesson

This series of video lessons exploring  Dilations is designed to be a first exposure to geometric transformations for middle grades or high school. These video explorations are ideal for distance learning, and have been designed so that students can investigate and discover the math quickly while being guided through the exploration.

Extended Explorations (optional):

For an alternative approach to the lesson (without the use of guided videos), download the "Extended Exploration" folder. These files have been designed for students to investigate and discover the math on their own. For optimal results for students using the "Extended Exploration" materials, always have students do the “Tour” activity first – before doing any of the other lessons. The 'Tour' contains information that is needed to understand how to do the other lessons. It is recommended that students follow the sequence of lessons, but once the Tour is completed, the lessons can be done in any order.