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Algebra 1


Rewriting expressions into equivalent forms is a central part of doing mathematics. In these lessons students investigate the concepts of variable, equivalent expressions and the distributive property. As they evaluate expressions, they can also observe patterns such as rate of change and order of operations in the results.

Algebra 1: Equivalence Activities

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Distributive Property

Investigate the concept of algebraic distribution of multiplication over addition using numbers.

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Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple

Investigate GCD and LCM in applications.

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Variables and Expressions

Change the value of x on a number line and see the effect on an algebraic expression.

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Exploring Expressions

Substitute values for variables and evaluate expressions.

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Equivalent or Not Equivalent?

Introduce the idea of equivalent expressions in the context of three critical operations.

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Checking Equivalence

Investigate equivalent expressions.

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Computing with Mathematical Formulas

Evaluate formulas for given values of a variable.

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