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Algebra 1

Functions and Relations

A function is a special mathematical relationship. The lessons in this unit investigate what it means to be a function as well as the notation used to describe functions. The activities include finding graphical and symbolic descriptions of the domain and range for a set of functions and studying transformations of functions.

Algebra 1: Functions and Relations Activities

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Students will learn to identify the domain and range of various real-world step functions. They will graphically explore numerical data points and observe step functions. Open and closed points on a graph are investigated and discussed.

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Function Notation

Investigate and understand the symbolic language in the notation of functions used in mathematics.

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Exploring Domain and Range

Explore visual representations of relations to determine their domain and range.

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Function or Not a Function

Examine some input-output relations to determine if a relation is a function.

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Transformations of Functions 1

This lesson investigates vertical and horizontal translations of a function.

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Transformations of Functions 2

Investigate vertical stretches and reflections through the x-axis of a function.

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Exploring Transformations

Explore transformations of an absolute value function.

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Verbal to Visual: Sketching Graphs

This lesson involves sketching graphs based upon important features described verbally in a situation.

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