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Middle Grades Math

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

In this unit, students will use multiple representations such as graphs, tables and equations to represent proportional relationships. By informally using the unit rate as a measurement of slope, students will recognize proportionality between quantities and distinguish proportional relationships from other types of relationships. Students will use ratios and proportionality to solve a wide variety of percent problems.

This unit was developed from the Common Core State Standards. For more information download the unit guide (on the right) where the specific content standard is identified. There may be other CCSS that align to the activities as well that are not referenced on the guide.

Middle Grades Math: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Activities

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How Does a Spring Scale Work?

In this lesson, teachers will use a spring to help students learn that the constant of proportionality between two proportional quantities is the unit rate of change.

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Recipe: Unit Rate

Students look at unit rate in a real-world context. They will use ratios to create points, plot them, and determine the mathematical relationship for the plotted points. Then, they will predict other points based on the relationship determined.

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Proportionality in Tables, Graphs, and Equations

Students will recognize and identify the characteristics of proportional and non-proportional relationships by analyzing a table, equation, and graph.

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Proportions in Stories

This lesson involves inputting data into a table, observing the data on coordinate plane, and inputting an equation that corresponds with the table of values.

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Equations from Unit Rates

This lesson involves finding a linear equation and confirming the equation represents a proportional relationship with numeric values in ordered pairs or in functions tables.

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Solving Percent Problems

This lesson involves solving word problems dealing with percents by using visual and numerical representations of percents.

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