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Algebra 2


Understanding function composition both numerically and symbolically beginning with a visual picture of two function machines. The lessons in this unit explore transformations of functions by examining the effect of changing the parameters of a function. Investigations into inverse functions and domain/range as well as a class project using functions to create artwork.

Algebra 2: Functions Activities

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Function Composition

Explore the composition of a linear and a quadratic function.

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  • 5772

Application of Function Composition

Determine the domain and range of two functions and the composite functions.

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  • 5695

Transformations: Dilating Functions

Dilate and reflect different types of function graphs by grabbing points.

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  • 5028

Transformations: Translating Functions

Translate different types of function graphs using sliders.

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  • 5186

Families of Functions

Change sliders and observe the effects on the graphs of the functions.

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  • 5847

Functions and Inverses

Grab and drag a point along graphs of different functions to determine the relationship of ordered pairs.

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  • 5694

Domain and Range 2

Identify the domain and range of a relation from its graph.

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  • 6075

Graphic Designing with Transformed Functions

Create an image using transformed functions with restricted domains.

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  • 5172
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