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Middle Grades Math

Expressions and Equations

In this unit, students will explore, analyze and solve linear equations and systems of linear equations. Graphical representations support student thinking and properties of operations are used to generate equivalent expressions and equations. Real-life and mathematical problems motivate the development of algebraic expressions and equations as problem-solving strategies. Students explore and work with exponents to make sense of the properties of exponents.

This unit was developed from the Common Core State Standards. For more information download the unit guide (on the right) where the specific content standard is identified. There may be other CCSS that align to the activities as well that are not referenced on the guide.

Middle Grades Math: Expressions and Equations Activities

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The Distributive Property

This lesson involves using the graphs of two lines to create equivalent expressions.

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  • 2946

Words for Algebra

This lesson involves starting with the context of a word problem and then examining it from several different perspectives in an effort to build expressions and equations that model the problem.

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  • 3026

What's Your Story

This lesson involves reverse engineering of word problems.

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  • 2865

Exploring Exponents

Students will investigate and describe negative and zero exponents on the base. Then, students will apply the properties of integer exponents to generate equivalent expressions.

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  • 3000

Balancing Equations

This lesson involves understanding what it means for an equation to be balanced in the process of solving linear equations with one variable.

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  • 3420

Systems of Equations

In this activity, students will recognize a system of equations, determine solutions graphically, and verify solutions algebraically.

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