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Algebra 2


A matrix is a rectangular array of rows and columns, normally containing numbers. Matrices can be added, subtracted and multiplied under certain conditions. Matrices can be used to represent different real world situations. Matrices can also be used as another means of solving a system of equations.

Algebra 2: Matrices Activities

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Matrix Multiplication

Examine matrix multiplication to identify the conditions necessary to be able to multiply two matrices.

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Matrix Inverses

Modify a 2 X 2 matrix being multiplied by another 2 X 2 matrix until their product is the identity matrix.

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Coded Messages

Determine the product of two matrices and calculate the inverse of the 2 X 2 matrix.

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Solving Systems with Row Operations 1

Use row operations to reduce an augmented matrix to its reduced row-echelon form.

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Solving Systems with Row Operations 2

Use matrices as a tool to solve a system of three equations with three unknowns.

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Matrix Transformations

Grab vertices of a polygon undergoing reflections and rotations in the coordinate plane to determine the transformation’s type.

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Areas of Polygons

Use determinants of matrices as a tool to find the areas of triangles and quadrilaterals.

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The Determinant of a Matrix

Calculate the determinant of a matrix and evaluate it to calculate the area of a triangle or quadrilateral.

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