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Probability and Random Variables

A probability distribution describes the range of possible values a random variable can have. In the activities in this unit, students investigate discrete and continuous distributions, explore the Law of Large Numbers, examine two-way tables and use simulation to estimate solutions to probability problems. They also focus on probability concepts such as conditional probability, independence and dependence and mutually exclusive events.

Statistics: Probability and Random Variables Activities

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Two-way Tables and Association

This lesson involves analyzing the results of a survey using a two-way frequency table.

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Probability Distributions

Students will describe how the distribution of a random sample of outcomes provides information about the actual distribution of outcomes in a discrete sample space.

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Tossing Dice

This lesson involves simulating tossing two fair dice, recording the sum of the faces, and creating a dotplot of the sums.

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Tossing Coins

In this activity, students will use a simulation to find the experimental probability of independent events, tossing two coins. They will find the sample space and then compare the experimental and theoretical probabilities.

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Binomial Pdf- Eye Color

This lesson involves binomial trials, distributions, and probabilities. Students can create the tns file following the steps in Binomial_Pdf_Create_Eye_Color, or they can use the premade file Binomial_Pdf_Eye_Color.tns

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Why np Min?

This lesson involves examining the general shape of binomial distributions for a variety of values of n and p.

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Conditional Probability

This lesson involves thinking about probability when additional information is given.

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