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Algebra 1

Linear Inequalities

Solutions for linear inequalities in one and two variables can be described both graphically and symbolically. The activities in this unit explore the effect of multiplying a value by a negative number, describe graphical and symbolic solutions to inequalities, and develop the concept that a linear equation divides the coordinate plane into two half planes each described by a linear inequality.

Algebra 1: Linear Inequalities Activities

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Simple Inequalities on a Number Line

Observe the differences in the graphs when <, ≤, =, >, and ≥ are used.

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Multiplying Inequalities by Negative Numbers

Investigate the effect of multiplying the numbers on a number line by a negative number.

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Linear Inequalities in One and Two Variables: Rays and Half Planes

Introduce linear inequalities by relating them to simple inequalities on the number line.

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Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Learn the basics of graphing linear inequalities.

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Exploring Graphs of Inequalities

Test ordered pairs to determine if they are part of the solution set to an inequality.

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Two-Variable Linear Inequalities

Graph, solve and write two-variable linear inequalities.

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