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Confidence Intervals

A confidence interval gives an estimated range of values, calculated from sets of sample data from known populations, for a statistic that is likely to include an unknown population parameter. The activities in this unit engage students in reasoning about confidence intervals and confidence levels and the difference between them as well as margin of error and how sample size affects confidence intervals.

Statistics: Confidence Intervals Activities

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Confidence Intervals for Means

This activity investigates generating a confidence interval for the mean of a random sample of size 100 from an unknown population.

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Confidence Levels for Means

Students will interpret a confidence level as the average success rate of the process used to produce an interval intended to contain the true mean of the population. Students will recognize that as the confidence level increases, on average, the confidence interval increases in width.

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Confidence Intervals for Proportions

This lesson involves the concept of confidence intervals as a tool to make statements about a population proportion based on a given sample.

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Confidence Levels for Proportions

This activity involves generating a confidence interval for a population proportion from a random sample of size 100 and considering how certain one can be that this interval contains the actual population proportion.

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Margin of Error and Sample Size

This activity investigates the margin of error for a confidence interval and the relationship between sample size and the margin of error.

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Confidence Intervals for 2 Sample Proportions

Do senior citizens and college students have different memories about high school? The activity Confidence Intervals: 2-Sample Proportions involves investigating random samples from two populations from a large Midwestern city with respect to the question: "When you were in high school, did you have a hero?" How can responses from two random samples from each population be used to estimate the responses of all senior citizens and all college students in this city?

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Slope - Confidence Interval and Hypothesis Test

This lesson involves investigating the confidence interval and hypothesis test for the slope of a regression line.

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