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Trigonometric Laws and Identities

This unit continues the study of trigonometric functions, including important trigonometric identities and the study of the special properties of trigonometric functions. The law of sines and law of cosines are also topics in this unit.

Precalculus: Trigonometric Laws and Identities Activities

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Proof of Identities

This lesson involves discovering, visualizing, and proving trigonometric identities.

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  • 3035

Law of Sines

This lesson involves exploring the relationship known as the Law of Sines.

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  • 3025

Law of Cosines

This lesson involves visualizing and exploring the Law of Cosines.

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  • 2803

Relatives of the Sine Law

This lesson involves investigating several variations of the Law of Sines.

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  • 312

Radio Station KTNS

This lesson involves determining the distance one can hear a radio station as a function of the range of the station.

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