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Algebra 2


This unit looks at polynomials and polynomials expressions in different ways. Polynomial attributes such as maximum or minimum and zeros can be found by graphing. The process of finite differences in a polynomial can also be used to possibly find a model for data. Activities also include factoring expressions.

Algebra 2: Polynomials Activities

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Exploring Polynomials: Factors, Roots, and Zeros

Investigate graphical and algebraic representations of a polynomial function and its linear factors.

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Finite Differences

Investigate the sets of finite differences for linear and quadratic functions.

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Factoring Trinomials

Discover how the coefficients of a given trinomial affect the factors.

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Sums and Difference of Cubes

Factor expressions that are either the sum of cubes or the difference of cubes.

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Application of Polynomials

Students use the volume formula to find cubic polynomials in order to determine the dimensions of four different-size boxes used for packaging trash bags.

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Watch Your P' and Q's

Students use the Rational Zero Theorem to find all rational zeros of a polynomial.

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Elliptical Orbits

This lesson involves generating equations of best fit for an ellipse.

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The Painted Cube

This lesson involves having the students hypothesize about the different relationships that exist between the size of the cube and the number of cubes that have paint on one, two, three, and zero faces. In order to help students visualize the problem, interlocking cubes could be made available.

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