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Displaying and Describing Univariate Data

Univariate data are quantitative if the individual observations are numerical values. In such contexts numerical operations generally have meaning, and the variables have units. In these lessons, students investigate measures of center and spread including standard deviation and the mean as the center of mass. Students identify and analyze important characteristics of graphs of data, consider how different representations of the same data are related, and create and describe dotplots, boxplots and histograms.

Statistics: Displaying and Describing Univariate Data Activities

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How to Make Histograms

This lesson involves the interpretation of different types of histograms: frequency histograms, relative frequency histograms, and density histograms.

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Analyzing Country Data

In this activity, students will examine sample ages from three countries displayed in a spreadsheet and in relative frequency histograms that highlight the distinctive features of the distribution of the ages from each sample.

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Boxplots Introduction

This lesson involves representing distributions of data using boxplots.

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Multiple Boxplots

This lesson involves analyzing three parallel boxplots.

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Center and Spread

Students will recognize that the mean and standard deviation (SD) and the median and interquartile range (IQR) are two ways to measure center and spread.

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Center of Mass

Students will identify and interpret the mean geometrically as the location of the coins on the ruler such that the sum of the distances on either side of the mean is the same.

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SD: Measure of Spread

This lesson is intended as an introductory activity to the concept of standard deviation.

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SD: How Far is Typical?

This lesson involves gaining a basic understanding of what standard deviation is measuring by examining the location of data around the mean.

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