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Algebra 1

Systems of Linear Equations

The solution to a linear equation in two variables is an infinite set of ordered pairs that satisfy the constraints in the equation. These lessons develop this concept and use it to explore solutions to systems of two linear equations in two variables, including how to solve systems using linear combinations to eliminate one of the variables.

Algebra 1: Systems of Linear Equations Activities

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Boats in Motion

Students make observations about the motion of a boat going up and down the river. They will solve the system of equations algebraically and graphically.

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What is a Solution to a System?

Solve a system of linear equations and begin to explore the infinite numbers of solutions to one equation.

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Balanced Systems of Equations

A solution to a system of equations is an ordered pair that makes both equations true at the same time.

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How Many Solutions to the System?

Understand the difference between systems that have one, infinitely many , or no solution.

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Solving Systems by the Elimination Method

Use equivalent equations and the method of elimination to solve a system of equations.

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Solving Systems by Graphing

Explore moving a point to illustrate solving systems of linear equations graphically.

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Solving a Pair of Linear Equations by Graphing

Explore moving a point to illustrate solving systems of linear equalities graphically.

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