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Applications of Trigonometry

Parametric equations are treated in this unit, including an application to parametric projectile motion. Polar coordinates and equations and the use of trigonometry in the geometric interpretations of complex numbers.

Precalculus: Applications of Trigonometry Activities

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Parametrizing the Unit Circle

The purpose of this activity is to use parametric equations to "unwrap" the unit circle. This process will allow students to obtain the graph of the function y = sin(x).

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  • 2268

Parametric Symmetry

The purpose of this activity is to build a tns document that can be used to investigate reflections and symmetries of curves defined parametrically.

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  • 2106

Parametric Ball Toss

This lesson involves determining the height of a ball at a given time and determining the time at which the ball is at a certain height.

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  • 2218

Two Models are Better than One

This lesson involves modeling the amount of carbon dioxide in the air over a 12-month period.

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  • 2131

Parametric Projectile Motion

Students will understand how changing the initial velocity and the initial angle change the path of a projectile. Students will be able to write the parametric equations for the path of a projectile.

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  • 254

Polar Coordinates

This lesson involves a brief introduction to the polar coordinate system.

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  • 2351

Rose Curve

This lesson involves clicking on sliders to observe the effect of changing the values of a and n in the equation r = asin().

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  • 2639

Complex Number Addition

This lesson involves the addition of two complex numbers.

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  • 2244

Complex Number Multiplication

This lesson involves the product of complex numbers, powers of i and complex conjugates.

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  • 2284

Sinusoidal Modeling

This lesson involves writing an equation to predict the average monthly temperature for a certain location based on past data.

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  • 2378
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