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Algebra 2


Quadratics have three major forms; standard, vertex, and factored form. Each has advantages and can be used to find different attributes of a quadratic equation or function. Each can also be used to model real world applications. Activities will include using algebra tiles to help with the process of completing the square and using the three forms in different ways and applications.

Algebra 2: Quadratics Activities

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Completing the Square

Complete the square in an algebraic expression.

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Modeling with a Quadratic Function

In this lesson, students use a quadratic function to model the flight path of a basketball. Students will interpret the parameters of the quadratic model to answer questions related to the path of the basketball.

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Standard Form of Quadratic Functions

Use sliders to determine the effect the parameters have upon a quadratic function in standard form.

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Vertex and Factored Form of Quadratic Functions

Determine the effect of parameters have upon the graph of the quadratic function in vertex and factored form.

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Completing the Square Algebraically

Complete the square algebraically to rewrite a quadratic expression.

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Discriminant Testing

Discover the relationship between the value of the discriminant and the nature of the roots of quadratic functions.

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Complex Numbers

Students calculate problems from the student worksheet to determine the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing complex numbers.

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Parabolic Paths

Manipulate the equation of a quadratic function so that its graph passes through a particular point.

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Quadratic Functions and Stopping Distance

Analyze data in real-life applications of the quadratic function.

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Maximizing the Area of a Garden

In this activity, students explore the area of a garden with a rectangular shape that is attached to a barn. Exactly three sides of the garden must be fenced. Students will sketch possible gardens and enter their data into a spreadsheet.

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