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Algebra 2

Logarithms and Exponentials

Functions have different features. How do they differ? These activities will compare power, exponential and logarithmic functions. Exponential function graphing will be explored as well as solving exponential equations. Activities include exploring logarithms, transformation of logarithm functions and solving logarithmic equations.

Algebra 2: Logarithms and Exponentials Activities

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Exponential vs. Power

Compare rates of growth between an exponential function and a power function for positive x-values.

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Exponential Transformations

Graph exponential functions and explore by making changes in the parameters.

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Graphing Exponentials

Investigate the graphs of the family of exponential functions.

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What is Log?

Solve simple logarithmic equations and verify solutions using the corresponding exponential equations.

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Logarithmic Transformations

Test knowledge and determine the logarithmic function for a given graph.

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Graph Logarithms

Investigate the graphs of a family of logarithm functions by changing the a-value over the internal 0 to 4.

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Properties of Logarithms

Compare logarithmic properties to their exponential counterparts.

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Solving Exponential Equations

Numeric, graphical and algebraic solutions to an exponential equation.

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Solving Logarithmic Equations

Numeric, graphical and algebraic solutions to logarithmic equations.

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