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Geometry: Transformational Geometry Summary - Lesson Bundle

by Texas Instruments

Google Form for Paperless Classrooms

The student worksheet has been provided as a Google Form to provide support for the "paperless classroom". Copy the Google Form here. (Note: For more information, visit Google Support). The Google Form brings the student activity to life with the videos embedded. PDF's are also provided in the Download section. For optimal student engagement, have students download the TNS file prior to watching the videos, and then actively engage in the explorations while using the student activity sheet.


Students will:

  • answer questions based upon what they learned about reflections, as well as reflect triangles by hand.
  • apply what they learned about translations by vector and on a grid, as well as translate triangles by hand.
  • rotate triangles about points through angles of multiples of 90o, answer questions about properties of rotated figures.
  • dilate a triangle about a point and answer several questions that exhibit knowledge about the properties of dilated figures.
  • be given several pairs of triangles and asked to decide which transformation was used and describe the transformation

About the Lesson

This summary lesson reviews each of the properties and ideas that students were to discover and explore in the four previous lesson bundles on Transformational Geometry. There is one video to use with this Summary Review that contains solutions to each question and activity in the Summary Review. The video includes a slide at the beginning that tells the student at what point in the video the solutions can be found.