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T³™ Webinars to Meet Your Needs and Schedule

Take advantage of the free T³ - Teachers Teaching with Technology™ webinars focused on Math Nspired. In this series of webinars, you will learn how educators effectively use Math Nspired to build student understanding of core math concepts.

Customized T³ Webinars Using Math Nspired

Facilitated by T³ ·Teachers Teaching with Technology™ instructors, these customized webinars are ideal as a companion to your T³ professional development program or as a stand-alone series. These webinars are a good choice if face-to-face workshops don't fit your schedule or budget.

Using Math Nspired in Your Classroom
The T³ instructor will work with math leaders to customize the 1-hour webinars to meet your needs, including:
  • Set the schedule for your webinars
  • Determine which mathematical concepts to explore
  • Ensure that your TI-Nspire technology is ready-to-go prior to the webinars
Customize Your webinar program can be customized to include these components:
  • Understanding the power of the TI-Nspire technology's key mathematical and pedagogical features
  • Discovering the pedagogical advantages of the document model
  • Exploring and learn how to customize classroom-ready materials
  • Strategizing on how Math Nspired fits your curriculum
  • Discovering the assessment opportunities of the action/consequence approach
Schedule Your webinar program will be scheduled to meet your needs:
  • Schedule webinars for classroom educators and/or math and science leaders
  • Webinars can occur throughout the school year and/or during the summer
  • Schedule before school, during common planning time or after school either in the afternoon or evening
  • Webinars can be recorded, archived and made available to you on-demand

Contact your TI Educational Technology Consultant (ETC) for assistance in developing and purchasing a customized T3 webinar series for your school or district.