Education Technology

Statistics: Monopoly and Regression

by Texas Instruments


  • Students will analyze the linear association between two variables and interpret the association in the context of a given scenario.
  • Students will calculate a least-squares regression line and interpret the coefficients.
  • Students will determine the appropriateness of a least-squares regression plot by analyzing residuals and the effects of unusual points on the line.


  • coefficient of determination
  • correlation coefficient
  • explanatory variable
  • influential point
  • least-squares regression line
  • outlier
  • response variable
  • scatter plot
  • slope
  • y-intercept

About the Lesson

This lesson involves analyzing the association between the number of spaces from Go and the cost of the property on a standard Monopoly board.

As a result, students will:

  • Calculate a least-squares regression line for data and interpret the coefficients.
  • Discuss unusual points and their effects on the line.
  • Interpret a residual plot.