Education Technology

Mathematical Modeling: Big Data Sets - Median income

by Texas Instruments

About the Lesson

Giving students large data sets can be a challenging and motivating experience. This data set includes the median income for full time workers aged 15 and over across gender, race, occupation, and education and by state as of 2020. The data has been provided in a .TNS for the TI-Nspire, as well as a DOC that has the data listed in a table. 

This data set is also used in an introductory activity, "Modeling Median Incomes" that investigates just the gender wage gap using the data in Table 1. This activity can be found in the Prediction section of the Mathematical Modeling activities and could be used as a starting point, before a more open exploration with the larger data sets found here. 

 "Exploring Big Data Sets Guide" provides guidance on using the data sets to engage students in the data science process using a recommended structure.