Education Technology

Statistics: Histograms

by Texas Instruments


  • Students will analyze data represented in a histogram.
  • Students will recognize that changing class width (bin width) and/or alignment affects the shape and spread of a distribution in a histogram.
  • Students will interpret histograms displayed with frequency, percent, and density on the vertical axis.


  • class alignment/bin alignment
  • class width/bin width
  • density
  • frequency
  • histogram
  • relative frequency
  • skew (right or left)
  • symmetric


About the Lesson

This lesson involves the interpretation of different types of histograms: frequency histograms, relative frequency histograms, and density histograms.

As a result, students will:

  • Hover over a class/bin to determine the number of observations in that class/bin.
  • Change the class/bin width by dragging the edge of the class.
  • Compare the histograms with different settings including class/bin width, class/bin alignment, and y-scales.