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NASA and Texas Instruments team up

Inspire the next generation of explorers

Today’s math and science students are tomorrow’s visionaries — the innovators who will look to the stars, imagine new possibilities and come up with solutions to turn them into reality.

NASA and Texas Instruments (TI) are launching a joint mission to fire their imaginations and introduce them to the careers that will make the future happen.

The goal: Encourage middle grades and high school students to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and engage them in the problem solving, reasoning and modeling practices that STEM professionals use every day to support the International Space Station.

Design Challenge

Explore the challenges of deep space travel

Ignite students’ imaginations with the Design Challenge student competition. They will build STEM skills and learn about astronaut Scott Kelly’s One-Year Mission as they adapt space station systems and processes to support a two-year crewed voyage beyond Earth orbit.

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Engage in the STEM Behind Life in Space

Two TI-Nspire™ activities, developed in collaboration with NASA experts, are the second stage of mISSion imaginaTIon’s overall objective of adding relevance to math and science.

The interactive lessons — one focused on biology, the other on mathematics — are the latest chapters in TI’s innovative activities that present STEM subjects in contexts ranging from a zombie apocalypse to treatments for breast cancer.

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