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TI calculators and resources are built with the classroom in mind — to challenge and inspire students, not just get answers.

That’s why TI is the most recommended brand by math teachers and used by millions of students each year.

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TI graphing and scientific calculators are approved for use on most college entrance, high-stakes and state tests.

A key to exam success is a calculator students know.
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No internet. No social media. No distractions to take them away from what’s happening in the classroom.

Teachers worry less about cheating and focus more on student learning with TI graphing calculators.

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We have online and computer versions of our most popular calculators.

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A one-time investment in a TI graphing calculator provides a smart, cross-curricular solution that follows students from middle grades and high school to college.

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What teachers are saying

Math Curriculum Specialist from California

“I love that [the TI-84 Plus CE] provides opportunities for students to feel excited about math, do ‘math’ and actually feel as if math means something in the real-world.”

High School Teacher from Nova Scotia

“I’ve been using a TI-84 for over 12 years! It’s one of my life comforts at this point, no other calculator will do! I love showing student statistics on them! The sorting lists and making histograms are always hits!!”

Math Teacher from Virginia

“I love how easy it is to use a TI and how easy it is to do regression (especially compared to the one my state uses for state testing).”

Just the facts

#1 brand of graphing calculator recommended by teachers
in the U.S.

25 million students around the globe use a TI calculator.

TI graphing calculators are accepted on more than 60 high-stakes exams worldwide.

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