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Download premade math lessons for middle school and high school classes, designed for use with TI-84 Plus CE or TI-Nspire™ CX families of graphing calculators.

Math lessons for TI-84 Plus CE

Making math make sense

Check out a wide range of standards-aligned math lessons that are premade and ready to use.

Math lessons for TI-NspireTM CX technology

Inspiring learners to learn math

Get premade math lessons that are standards-aligned and ready to add to your lesson plans.

Explore TI-Nspire™ lessons

Connecting math in the real world:
Careers, sports and entertainment

Reinforce math lessons with hands-on math
activities that let students have fun exploring concepts in real-life context.

Math in sports

Explore the math of kicking a football up and through the uprights.

Math in robotics

Put math in motion with activities for the TI-Innovator™ Rover robotic vehicle.

Math in art

Discover how artist use ratios, light and color to create larger-than life murals.

Math in cryptography

Identify patterns and unravel the clues to triangulate the rich point on a treasure map.

Math in coding

Make connections between the logic of math and coding. No coding experience required!

Learning the fundamentals and building blocks

Get TI-Nspire™ CX II lessons ordered in a series of learning sequences so students
can gradually build on their understanding one concept at a time.

Teaching parent functions and transformations

TI’s Families of Functions offers free video lessons for support teaching parent functions and their transformations, featuring quick graphing exercises for students to practice what they learn.

Explore function families

TI in Focus: AP Calculus

Prepare students for the AB and BC exams with FRQs from past exams. Review learning objectives, scoring guidelines, common misconceptions and calculator tips for each question.

Explore the FRQs

Watch and learn on YouTube

Check out playlists full of math lessons and student activities that cover a wide range of subjects.

Don't see math lessons for your calculator?

Search our complete online library for lessons made for your specific calculator.

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