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Common Core State Standards

Putting Technology in Practice
Making Success the Standard

Use standards-aligned activities – as-is or modified to meet your needs – developed by educators to build or enhance your math curriculum.

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Expand your knowledge of CCSS content requirements, master instructional practices, and learn how to use TI technology to implement CCSS.

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Implement CCSS with learning tools that facilitate multiple entry points into problems, classroom discourse, differentiated instruction and formative assessment.

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Enhance your math curriculum with activities built for the Common Core classroom.

Verbal To Visual

Middle School, CCSS Standard: 7.1 (D)

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The Rule of Four

Middle School, CCSS Standard: 7.7

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Domain and Range 2

High School, CCSS Standard: AII.7 (I)

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Exponential Growth

High School, CCSS Standard: AI.9 (D)

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Model Math Practices

Access resources to learn more about how to use your TI technology to address the CCSS Math Practices. Download Alignment Samples

Principles to Actions

NCTM and TI have collaborated to incorporate examples and tips for implementing the eight Mathematics Teaching Practices, from NCTM’s Principles to Actions, into free lessons for the TI-Nspire™. Learn more

Building Concepts

Building Concepts is a collection of free lesson modules covering important topics – like fractions, ratios and proportions – designed to give students ways to think about and discuss important mathematical concepts. Explore Building Concepts

T³™ Professional Development

T³™ generic programs provides systemic professional development that helps teachers master new content requirements, shifts in pedagogical standards, and technology usage that fosters an environment of mathematical thinkers.

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Live and on-demand webinars

Go online any time any time for free on-demand T³™ professional development webinars or sign up in advance to participate in live, interactive sessions. Learn how to effectively use TI technology and content to engage students in the Math Practices in your classroom.

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On-site Workshops

Hands-on workshops prepare teachers to engage students more effectively by enhancing educators' standards-aligned content knowledge, teaching practices and technology skills.

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T³™ International Conference

Learn how TI can support your CCSS instruction and enhance student success on AP, ACT and SAT exams when you reserve your place at the Upcoming Teachers Teaching with Technology (T³™) International Conference.

Created and presented by teachers for teachers, the conference provides a unique opportunity to learn, share and investigate strategies to engage students in math, science and STEM using TI technology and resources.

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Systemic in-school programs

Build teachers’ confidence and expertise through a combination of on-site workshops, coaching and online learning designed to meet their specific needs for mastering instructional practices and content knowledge and integrating TI technology to facilitate standards implementation.

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Technology that encourages conceptual mastery

TI provides technology to support the Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices, making them ideal tools for teaching and learning math, including topics like transformational geometry, probability, and statistics.

Exploration that promotes understanding

As TI’s most advanced teaching and learning technology, the TI-Nspire™ family encourages students to discover relationships through dynamically linked multiple representations of problems, and enable them to:

  • Graph and explore functions
  • Construct and explore dynamic geometric figures
  • Visualize connections between lists, spreadsheets and plots
  • Perform computations

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Visualization for problem solving

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator family provides students with functionality that delivers a powerfully visual approach to learning that helps them conceptualize and make connections.

These tools play an important role in understanding math for CCSS by enabling students to use different models of data to analyze problems, look for structure in math, make connections, reason and explore problems.

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Download a free trial of TI-SmartView™ Emulator Software for the TI-84 Plus Family.

Technology that advances higher level discourse

The TI-Nspire™ CX Navigator™ System connects the teacher and student devices to close the learning gap by providing instant visibility into student understanding, enabling formative assessment far beyond multiple-choice, and presenting opportunities to adjust instruction in real time.

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TI-84 Plus for Online Exams

High school students taking the online PARCC exam in 2014 and 2015 will have access to the TI-84 Plus for online exams on portions of the exam. This online version of the TI-84 Plus, designed by Texas Instruments, has the same look and functionality as the handheld but will not allow access to the TI-84 Plus Apps. Watch these videos to build your skills with commonly used features of the TI-84 Plus for online exams.

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